Licensed Programmes

Springboard - Supporting women to take more control, helping them identify clear and practical steps forward

Springboard Women's Development Programme - Award winning, internationally recognised programme supporting women to take more control of their lives by helping them identify clear and practical steps forward.

Spring Forward - Revitalise your personal, professional and leadership performance

An energising programme for men and women looking to revitalise their personal, professional and leadership performance.

Fresh Steps - Review your career progress and set new goals

Timely and topical, Fresh Steps is the innovative new work and personal development programme for those who have been in work for some years and wish to review progress and set new goals. Recent economic, demographic, legislative and social changes mean that many people are finding themselves in a job longer than they had expected and may want to make changes, either in their external circumstances and/or their internal attitudes.

Sprint - Womens professional personal development programme

A ground-breaking professional and personal development programme addressing the issues for women undergraduates, post-graduates and researchers, developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford.

Boost Course - Prepares people to develop their careers quickly and effectively

A specialised development programme for men and women of any age who are relatively new to the workplace and in the early stages of their careers, whether in full or part time jobs, apprenticeships or traineeships. Boost prepares participants to develop their careers quickly and effectively by showing them how to be more career ‘savvy’.

Navigator Course - Men's Development Programme

Navigator Men's Development Programme - Sharing the same aims as Springboard but designed to help men make the most of their professional and personal lives.

Renew You - Personal Development Course

A one day personal development workshop that lasts a whole year! Especially for women who may be at a crossroads in their career or other area of their life or want a quick and lasting boost of confidence to make positive and lasting changes.

A recent Institute of 'Leadership & Management' report stated women felt it was a lack of confidence that held them back from getting to the top. Well, whether or not they want to get to the top, they'll leave this workshop with their self belief and confidence well and truly boosted...and know how to maintain it!

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A straightforward and positive tool to help individuals understand how their motivational values influence their behaviors, relationships and how they deal with conflict.